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Put on your walking shoes and get ready for the Walk for Life on Saturday, May 7, 2016. We anticipate a fun-filled morning with hundreds of walkers joining us to affirm their commitment to “Making a Difference One Life at a Time”! This year’s walk will be held at the scenic Lucy Park’s Circle Trail in Wichita Falls and the festive walk at the 
Calvary Baptist Family Life Center In Vernon. Find a group of friends or family members and join us for this fun event!

The goal of the Walk for Life is to raise funds and friends for the ministry of the Pregnancy Help Center, educate community members about the Pregnancy Help Center and its outreaches, and make a positive life-affirming statement to our community.

Your enthusiastic participation will make a Difference for Life! The Pregnancy Help Center depends on the funds you raise to help us continue to offer free services to the community and ministering to the women, men, families, pre-born babies, students and military that the Lord will send our way this year. 

We Need You!
Come join us on May 7th as we

Celebrate Life